Athletes and 2015 Tax Evasion

Attorney Peter D Aiken
State and Federal
Tax Defense Attorney


Professional athletes like baseball and football players sometimes find themselves being charged with Federal crimes like tax evasion, making false statements under penalties of perjury and taking phony deductions on their 2014 federal income tax returns.  The fact is that many of the professional athletes when they get their signing bonus and huge salary simply are not aware of the Federal tax laws and the tricky requirements of the Tax Code.
If you are a professional athlete and you have been notified that you are under audit or worse yet you get a visit from a Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, do not take it lightly.  You could find yourself under Indictment facing prosecution in United States District Court for tax evasion and end up in Federal Prison.  The Federal Courts simply do not care if you are famous and the sentences are driven by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  I am a former IRS special agent and was a Federal Prosecutor in Miami years ago and can tell you that the IRS can be your worst enemy.  There is no fairness in our tax system.  If you make big bucks you can find yourself in big trouble.  Many times it is not your fault.  Your accountant may have taken deductions you are not entitled to in an attempt to save you money.  He is not the one who will go to jail, you are.
If you are under investigation for taxes or are concerned that your tax return is not correct or if you have not filed a tax return contact a tax attorney.