IRS Scams…Why won’t the IRS stop them?

March 19 2018

Have you gotten a call from 202 241 7572?

It is an IRS scam run by some, Asians pretending to be the IRS, claiming the IRS is about to file a lawsuit against you. The sad thing is, some people will fall for this money hustle. It is a pure fraudulent scam and the IRS knows it. If you Google the number you will see hundreds of complaints….But no one in the Government will do anything to stop it. The IRS never calls and says they are going to sue you. The IRS does not have to. They have the power to “levy” on your accounts and the power to seize your assets, like your car or your boat. The IRS is the most powerful agency in the U. S. Government. They don’t need a bunch of amateur hustlers, they have the real power and will never call like this.

The IRS will spend hundreds of hours investigating good citizens that have fallen behind on their payroll taxes or on their income taxes, but not a dime chasing real crooks defrauding good citizens. As a criminal tax lawyer I am at a loss to understand why the IRS will do nothing to stop this fraud. I guess it is probably because the IRS is not getting scammed. As long as it is just good honest citizens getting scammed, the Government does not care. If you get a call from that number don’t bother to return it. They will give you a phony badge number and ask for your name. I called back three times just messing with their heads and finally got a polite accented response of “Go fu** yourself”. If you want to play investigator, play along and get payment information. It beats afternoon soap operas and is good for a laugh. If on any day thousands of people called them and took up their time with bogus calls, maybe they would switch the hustle to something else.

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